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Luxury holidays

Luxury holidays  

Carefully selected luxury holidays.

At a luxury holiday with Paradise Moments, all senses are pampered. A journey where you live in exclusive hotels with a level of service second to none, and where there is thought about even the smallest details. Our luxury travel is a selection of our best trips and holidays, where hotel standard is never less than 5 stars. Travel where everything goes into a higher unity - in terms of the hotel, gastronomy, location, adventure, beach, service etc.

We have visited all the hotels and hand-picked the best of the best.
If you dream of ultimate luxury on an exclusive small paradise island in the Indian Ocean, our selected luxury resorts are the right choice. High-quality and first-class experiences. Luxury holidays that will provide memories for a lifetime.

Our luxury holidays include the most exotic destinations in the Indian Ocean, like the Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius.

All our trips are tailored to your personal wishes.
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1-20 of 23