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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Paradise Moments terms and conditions are made in accordance with the Danish Package Tours Act.


Registration for a trip is binding for both consumer and travel agency once the deposit has been paid by the customer.


The following rules apply, unless other conditions have been stated or specified in your invoice.

The deposit must be paid no more than 4 days after you have received your invoice. The deposit is 20% of the price. However, there is a minimum amount of 300€. On certain travel arrangements, however, it may be the full price. If you have added travel insurance through Paradise Moments, this is to be paid with the deposit.

The remaining amount must be paid no later than 60 days before departure. Travel documents will normally be sent so you have them no later than 7 days before departure.

If the deadline for payment of the deposit is not complied, the travel arrangements will be cancelled. If the deadline for payment of the remaining amount is not met, the booking is canceled with no valid reason and the deposit will not be refunded.


The following rules apply, unless other cancellations conditions have been stated or specified in your invoice.

Upon cancellation of travel, after final confirmation and paying the deposit and any cancellation insurance, this is lost.

If canceled 60-46 days before departure, there is a fee of 75% of the price. If canceled 45 days or less before departure, the entire price of the trip is lost. This applies , unless otherwise stated in your invoice. Please note, there may be extraordinary costs associated with certain trips.

However, higher cancellation fees may be stated in an invoice in case of advance payments or payments of rapid issuance of flight tickets / hotel or other services.

It should be emphasized that most cancelations of flight tickets are associated with a 100% cancellation fee.

If, within 14 days before departure, there occurs acts of war, natural disasters, deadly infectious diseases, or other similar events, trips can be canceled free of charge. In order for the customer to cancel free of charge, the event entitling the cancellation must be determined or documented in an adequately objective way, for instance by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the health authorities etc. Moreover, to be entitled to cancel the trip free of charge the events must have occurred after the tour is booked.


4.1 Cancellation insurance
Paradise Moments recommends you have insurance that covers cancellation costs if participation in the journey becomes impossible or impeded due to death or sudden illness/injury requiring hospitalization, bed rest, or it can be assimilated to you or your spouse/partner, parents, in-laws, children, grandchildren, siblings, grandparents, sister-in-law, or traveling companions.

The agency receives a commission from the sale of cancellation insurance. The amount is to be paid with the deposit and is non-refundable, regardless of the reason for the cancellation. To clarify technical issues and insurance conditions, we refer you to the insurance company.

4.2 Travel Insurance
Paradise Moments strongly recommend that all guests have travel insurance that covers illness and transportation. We offer all our travelers insurance and supplementary insurance through the insurance company Gouda. It is the participants' responsibility to be adequately insured in all respects connected with the trip. Paradise Moments notes there can be very serious economic consequences if you have no travel insurance when traveling abroad. To clarify technical and insurance conditions, we refer you to the insurance company.


If you have special requirements for the flexibility of your flight ticket, they must be listed in your travel documents. Changes to the itinerary, extensions, or cancellations can be made only if stated in your documents. Open tickets mean a flight segment is not reserved (booked), and you can only reserve a seat on a particular flight if there are any free seats lefts. In high season, it's difficult to find seats on certain flights. The listed times are local time.

Changes may occur if the itinerary is prepared long before switching to and from daylight saving time or changes in airline schedules, which usually happens on April 1st and October 1st. You should check the departure times on the issued ticket. If these times deviate from this itinerary or adjusted itinerary, immediately contact the agency. All bookings must be confirmed (Reconfirmed) no later than 72 hours before the return or a disrupted travel process resumes. This is also the case when you have a confirmed booking .

Many airline reservations associated with overseas travel must be reconfirmed no later than 72 hours before the return trip. The reconfirmation can be made by any local travel agents or by contacting the airline directly. Usually, our local representatives will do this reconfirmation. This will also be stated in your travel documents from Paradise Moments. If the return journey is not reconfirmed, the customer may lose his seat on the plane.

It is very important the your first, middle, and last name(s) listed on the flight ticket is exactly as in your passport. If the correct name has not been given, a fee –depending on the airline – will be charged if the ticket is already issued.

If flight tickets form part of the package tour, they must be used in the correct order. If you fail to use the flight tickets in the correct order, the airline will cancel the remaining flight distances. Therefore, you cannot use only individual distances of air travel. As an example, you cannot use a return flight only.

You must have finalised any check-in in compliance with the times and places for latest check-in on the outward or homeward bound trips stated in the itinerary or by other clear indication. You are responsible for calling attention to yourselve in the check-in queue if you foresee that you cannot complete the check-in within the times stated.

You must keep yourself informed of the homeward journey times through, in due time before the homeward journey, informing yourself whether changes to the homeward journey time specified in the travel documents have been made or announced. Information about such changes will be provided directly to you or through notices at an agreed place by either the travel agency, representatives thereof or the sub-suppliers of the travel agency.

You must keep yourself updated on points and times of departure for the means of transportation included, on an ongoing basis. This may for example take place through, immediately after arrival at an airport, keeping an eye on display screens and contacting the airport staff in the event of doubt as to from which terminals or gates the aircraft departs. Changes of terminals and gates often occur and are beyond the travel agency's control.


Unless stated otherwise, the visa requirement can be found though your country’s Foreign Ministry. People with dual citizenship should investigate any current visa and passport requirements before booking the trip.

If you plan to change the travel (including travel length) different rules may apply. One should be aware that the formalities can be changed between booking and departure time.

NOTE: There are also often visa requirements for a transit.

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after arrival at the destination. The traveler must carry a valid passport and visa. Please note it is very important that your first, middle, and last name(s) is correctly stated in your travel documents, especially that the names on the flight tickets match your current passport. Artist names and middle names should not be used as a last name. If the names in your passport differ from the ones on your flight ticket, you may risk being rejected at the airport.

We must point out that the processing time for visa for certain countries may be many weeks. If the visa applications are processed through the agency, a handling fee will be charged.

The agency has no responsibility for clients, who for some unknown reason, are rejected at the border. Some countries require currency possession and a valid return ticket on arrival .


It is the customer's own responsibility to acquire information about which vaccinations that are necessary for the trip, which should be obtained from your own doctor or health institute. The fulfillment of vaccination requirements must be documented by the international yellow certificate.


The trip can, due to rules from suppliers, not be transferred to another person.


According to legislation, the organizer can increase the agreed price as a result of: rising fuel prices, changes in taxes, charges and fees, and changes in exchange rates. We calculate the price which is the price rounded up to the nearest integer divisible by 10. The price is adjusted if the currency exchange rate change +/- 4% when the final payment is received. For group travel, price increases will take place after the following principles:

1) Changes in air fares, all duties, and taxes with the current amount if these exceed 15€.

2) Exchange rate changes more than +5%, or -10% compared to the date the price was published. The price change will only affect the costs paid with the concerned currency, not the entire package price.

The price can only be increased by maximum 10% of the price of the package tour, and no later than 20 days before departure. If the increase is more than 10% of the price of the package tour, the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase without charge.

We continually change our price lists, and a trip will always be sold at the current price, although you might have an outdated price list. Therefore, it may happen that a trip is sold at different prices, because we rarely let price increases influence the travel arrangements ordered beforehand.


The technical operator reserves the right to make necessary changes due to the number of persons enrolled for a trip being less than stated in the contract minimum. If clients then do not wish to participate in the trip, the amount paid will be refunded, but no further claims can be made.


You should make the agency aware of special requirements / wishes with the travel booked (e.g., specific wishes about the facilities at hotels, etc.). Paradise Moments cannot guarantee to meet special requirements/desires, but where possible, these will be applied to the invoice.

The agency's responsibility does not extend beyond the international rules and conventions (partially reprinted in flights tickets). These conventions are, for example, Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention (air), the Athens Convention (maritime) and COTIF / CIF (trains).

If you during the travel notes this is inadequate from the purchased travel arrangements, immediately inform this on site and within 6 weeks have made - in writing - claims against the travel agency. Lack of complaint may cause loss of the right to compensation.

However, this does not apply if the travel agent has acted in breach of good faith or was grossly negligent. If it is impossible to agree on the demands, Paradise Moments refers to the travel appeals board. The agreement is subject to Danish law and will be settled by a Danish court or travel appeals board.


It is a prerequisite for participation in the journey that you will act responsibly and considerately, including abiding by the agency’s and its representatives' instructions.


Taxes and fees are, where it is possible, included in the price of the travel package. However, in some countries, local taxes are to be paid on the spot, for example, local taxes and fees to national parks.


For you to participate in a travel arrangement by Paradise Moments, we assume you are familiar with and understand the information you have gotten through brochures, price lists, the information received with your invoice, including practical information, itinerary, and our travel documents, including flight tickets, travel insurance etc. sent to you before departure.